Rajashri Shahu Blood Bank Trust Kolhapur


1) Largest Blood Bank in Western Maharashtra.
2) Providing service uninterrupted since last 36 years.
3) Collecting more than 14000 units per year.
4) Conducting 200 camps in and around Kolhapur District per year.
5) Promoting only Voluntary Blood Donation


1) Component Separation Unit: Providing Packed Red Cells, Random Donor Platelets, Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate.
2) Apheresis Unit: Providing Single Donor Platelets.
3) For emergency testing we are having Abbott's AxSYM.
4) Well trained Doctors & Technical Staff.
5) Fully equipped Component & Apheresis Lab.
6) Automation in Blood Grouping with Gel Technology


Fenwal Amicus Separator - For Plateletpheresis

Short procedure times, single / double needle procedure, individual anticoagulant control, various safety features. Contributes to overall donor comfort, safety & high quality product.

Gel Technology

Gel technology - Diamed ID micro typing system used for red cell typing, antibody screening & identification and compatibility testing.


Component Storage

Vast capacity of storage of components, almost 2000 at a  times.

Haemonetics MCS+ - For Plateletpheresis

MCS+ - Offers a complete portfolio of protocol for the collection of platelets. It can also be used for therapeutic aphaeresis.

Cryofuge 6000i and 5500i Thermo Fisher Scientifics Heraeus cryofuge

Microprocessor based blood bank centrifuges with capacity to process 8 &12 bags of 450 ml.


ST art 4 of stago diagnostica - Coagulometer

In house quality control of FFP & cryoprecipitate.
Used to measure factor VIII & fibrinogen


Abbott's Axsym System

It is a random & Continuous access immunoassay analyzer works on MEIA. FPIA, REA technologies.

Used for TTD testing.


Baxter Optipress II

Automated component extraction system capable of producing highest quality of leukoreduced blood components.


Blood Donation Camp and Rally

Conducting 200 camps in & around Kolhapur district per annum.